The difference a day of golf makes

2020 The ninth golf day will be supporting a refurbishment project in Mary Potter Hospice. Fixtures, furnishings and furniture will be updated to provide a warm and inviting space for patients and families, and visitors to the Hospice.

2019 The eighth golf day is supporting patient care in the Mary Potter Hospice and a regional project in Port Lincoln.

2018 The seventh Golf Day supported a special new role that will improve support for patients who need palliative care and their families. The first ever Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner role has been created at Calvary and Mary Potter Hospice. This role brings a new level of care and understanding in helping patients and their families to focus on quality of life to make the most of every day.

2017  The sixth Golf Day raised a record amount and funded a much needed lounge for families of palliative patients to be built at Ardrossan Community Hospital. The remaining funds continue to provide care in the Mary Potter Hospice.

2016 The  Golf Day supported a project at the Keith & District Hospital and continued to fund care to patients and families in the Mary Potter Hospice. The Keith & District Hospital upgrade saw rooms fitted out for palliative care and support for families. This included a complete refurbishment of existing spaces in the hospital with upgrades to two patient rooms, lounge and kitchenette, access to an outdoor area, and a room for family members to stay overnight.

2015 The funds raised transformed the patient rooms in the Mary Potter Hospice into beautiful and improved spaces for end of life care. Along with the patients, families spend long days and often nights in the rooms and the refurbishment means that now everyone can enjoy the best possible space together.

2014 The funds raised transformed a desolate area into a beautiful garden and provided new equipment and painting in the Hospice.

2013 The event made possible new visitor chairs for every room in the Hospice along with a completely upgraded communal family kitchen in the heart of the Hospice.

2012 All of the money raised was directed towards the Cancer Ward upgrade.